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An Interview with Joseph Tomlinson

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am currently living in Eastern Washington state. I am an educator who spends his free time making art. Normally I work in clay, I throw cups, bowls, and other vessels to draw on. I also make figurative sculptures and tile pieces to hang on the wall.

What made you decide to become an artist?

I first wanted to be an artist when I was in grade school. One of my teachers mentioned I had talent and encouraged me to draw more. I continued working in 2 D until I was in my early 20s… then gave up art. 12 years ago I decided to go back to school with an emphasis in art. Then I started sculpting, and loving art again.

Please describe your creative process (how, when, materials, etc).

I start with an image in my mind and usually work directly with clay. Other times I start with a sketch. The sketches got more and more detailed and finished. I then started carrying a small sketchbook with me everywhere I went/go. When I found moleskine sketch-books I started drawing even more. Love those books.

What are some of your current projects?

Currently I am working on a sketchbook for a show in Atlanta in August. The theme is “How to save the world”. I am also working on drawings and sculptures for a gallery show next February celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln. There are a few other projects in the works as well.

What advice would you give to artists who are just starting out?

Advice I would give others… Draw as much as you can, experiment with different styles, find one that agrees and develop it even more.

Who are your favorite artists on skineart.com?

My favorites on ‘skineart are too many to list. This site is full of great artists. If I was forced to choose, I would say elbragon, rmcarey, rudat, nacho, mattias… everyone has something that moves me in some way.

What are your portfolio sites/blog?

Blog site: http://www.yardapeart.blogspot.com

Besides creating fantastic artwork, what are your other hobbies?

When I’m not hunkered over a sketchbook or clump of clay, I enjoy hiking or mountain biking the trails in the hills by my house.

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  • Rob Carey 3:45 pm on July 19, 2008 | #

    Great stuff- the sculptures are cool! Do you ever show your work at art fairs around Spokane? It would be cool to see more of your art next time we’re there. Keep on!

  • Rudat 7:52 am on July 21, 2008 | #

    You have some great art, I love the environmental series! The sculptures are a great surprise…really cool stuff.

  • Joseph R Tomlinson 9:53 pm on July 21, 2008 | #

    Thanks Rob and Susan.

  • anjin 10:22 am on July 24, 2008 | #

    the “mask” sculpture is something incredible! :) I like your style! :D

  • Joseph R Tomlinson 5:00 pm on July 24, 2008 | #

    Thanks anjin, I have a wall covered in the head tiles, They were a project I enjoyed making.

  • Rudat 4:59 am on July 25, 2008 | #

    The expressions on the mask faces are wonderful!

  • BB 11:22 am on August 11, 2008 | #

    nice art work

  • Joseph R Tomlinson 6:08 pm on August 11, 2008 | #

    Thanks BB and Rudat the comments are appreciated

  • 3lla 2:15 pm on August 17, 2008 | #

    Your sculptures are wonderful!
    I’ll be sure to check out your artwork more often :)

  • Joseph R Tomlinson 7:31 pm on August 17, 2008 | #

    Thank you 3lla. I’m working on a few new ones now. I won’t be posting any of these until they are fired… in a few weeks

  • sayyid 5:01 pm on September 28, 2010 | #

    these sculptures are terrific….you should upload somethings to daloo.org….this would do great on there

  • mkubit 1:12 pm on February 1, 2011 | #

    you do great work. very inspiring, thanks!

  • Blue 6:08 am on September 25, 2011 | #

    Great work. I love the sculptures . I wonder how they are installed : is it together or

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