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An Interview with Alexandra Beguez

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Alexandra Beguez (but by all means, call me Alex). I graduated from the School of Visual Arts, majoring in computer animation. I am currently freelancing as an art director in an advertising agency in New York, working in interactive media and occasionally motion graphics. I have several personal projects underway, including entering some pieces for an organization called La Ola (The Wave), which puts on shows for local artists.

What made you decide to become an artist?

Luckily I have a very supportive family. Once we all realized I could draw, they encouraged me to pursue a career in the arts. Watching Disney movies growing up also fueled my passion for illustration and animation. In high school I wavered for a bit and wanted to go into the physical sciences, but after discovering Pixar and taking Art Honors senior year, I took the leap into computer art/animation. I also find being an artist extremely gratifying. I am a reserved person, so I find that art gives me that outlet to express myself, and share something deeply personal with others on my terms. Finishing a project also gives me this sense of accomplishment and purpose. It’s one of the reasons I get up in the morning. The other is chocolate.

Please describe your creative process (how, when, materials, etc).

Typically, I come up with an idea and I start doodling and sketching, trying to find the best way to convey my idea. If the idea works out on paper, I start thinking of what colors I want to use, what medium would suit the project best, etc. I’ve also been attending life drawing classes so I can practice drawing the human form and capture gestures with more ease, although the best practice really is sitting at a park or a place like Grand Central Station. You really only have a few moments to capture a person’s expression and gesture.

It’s a similar process for animation. I come up with an idea, make some rough thumbnails, then refine them into final storyboards. I create all the components in Maya and Photoshop/Illustrator (or I collaborate with someone so life is slightly easier) and then I can begin animating! The animated film process is a long one, but very rewarding.

What are some of your current projects?

Well like I mentioned before, I plan on entering some new work for a local show orchestrated by a wonderful organization called La Ola. I’m also working on a series of illustrations based in the world of the Wizard of Oz. A slightly skewed interpretation of the tale, I hope to finish them by the end of the year. I’m also a part of a blog community called Partners In Design, started by my good friends from high school and college. We try to update the blog everyday with new work, be it sketches or finished pieces. We want to put out a book of our work out soon, but our lives have become hectic so the project is keeps getting pushed back. But I am hopeful that we’ll get it going soon :-)

What advice would you give to artists who are just starting out?

Practice, practice, practice! Sketch until your hands fall off and eyes begin to bleed. Go to local art shows for inspiration and to meet awesome artists. And most importantly, be dedicated. A quote they loved telling us in high school: “It’s 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”. Unless you’re Paris Hilton. Then no.

Tell us a bit about the subject matter in your sketches on skineart.

I think I’m all over the place. This moleskine is more about experimenting with marker and fleshing out ideas before making the final illustration. I’m just trying to maintain a nice sketchbook this time around. Last one I had contained more notes than anything else.

Who are your favorite artists on skineart.com?

Honoluludogfight, Rudat, drawfunny, mattiasA, lapin, chensio, and the group that are part of the moly_x_24. But I really look forward to seeing what everyone posts. :-D

What are your portfolio sites/blog?




Besides creating fantastic artwork, what are your other hobbies?

Singing along to Disney tunes with friends. Going to museums. I also want to start traveling around the world really soon.

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  • Sophie Brown 5:02 pm on July 2, 2008 | #

    I’ve really liked the Oz things that I’ve seen. Really great and fun.

  • artsyalex 7:46 pm on July 2, 2008 | #

    Thanks so much Ms Brown :-)

  • Alexander 4:25 am on July 3, 2008 | #

    good work…. I like it.!!!!

  • anjin 11:52 pm on July 3, 2008 | #

    :) I like how you work. Keep posting, please!


  • gabicampanario 10:36 pm on July 7, 2008 | #

    fabulous work Alex, you’re so versatile

  • artsyalex 8:38 am on July 8, 2008 | #

    Thanks for taking a look through my stuff guys! Means alot to me :-D

  • keith 2:02 pm on July 8, 2008 | #

    i really dig your work alot….

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