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Artwork Submission Instructions

1. Once registered and logged in, click on ‘Submit your art‘ at the top right corner of the page.

2. A blue submission form should appear:

3. Click on ‘Browse‘ to select an image to upload. Once an image is selected, a preview should appear in the form after a few seconds.

i. Images must be under 1MB. If the preview takes too long to appear, try resizing your image.
ii. Image filenames must NOT contain special characters (#, %, *, etc.) or spaces. If you see the following purple screen when trying to upload an image, try renaming the filename.

4. Enter a Description (optional). The description will also appear as the title of the post. Although it is optional, we recommend entering a short description. Enter Tags relevant to your image (optional). Separate each tag with a comma ( , )

5. Review your entries – make sure you see a preview of the image in the form – and click on Post it to submit.

You are done! All submissions go through a manual review process before being published. Approvals may take between 48-72 hours.