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The August 2012 Theme Challenge Is:

Home Forums General Discussion The August 2012 Theme Challenge Is:

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  • July 28, 2012 at 11:22 pm #37228


    The August 2012 Theme Challenge is:

    Same motif in different technique

    This theme was suggested by Nikira.

    In order to assure that all of this month’s entries can be viewed, please copy and paste the following in order to tag submitted posts:

    Same motif in different technique, August 2012, Theme Challenge

    This is definitely a first in the history of theme challenges, since it references a previous challenge.  I say it can be interpreted as either the July theme again (The BUMP in the night), or more generally, ANY previous theme challenge.

    So, for this month, I suggest opening it up to reinterpreting/revisiting any previous challenge, just with a different technique than used before.  Whichever theme you pick, I would suggest adding that to the tags (along with the original date tag) above to make comparison easier.

    I have not been able to post lately (busy with lots of other things), but I plan on remedying that soon, and I have several submissions from past months to share with y’all.

    The Theme Challenge is held once a month and was started with the idea of encouraging ‘skiners to make more use of the “Forums” section of the site. The challenge is non-competitive and it is hoped that as many folks as possible will participate. The aim is to get ‘skiners to come up with their own interpretation(s) of the theme and then ‘compare notes,’ if you will, as folks share their own variations thereof.

    If you have any ideas for future challenges, just post them in the “MONTHLY THEME CHALLENGE” thread (http://www.skineart.com/forums/topic/monthly-theme-challenge/). I’ll try to acknowledge each post so you know your idea is “in the jar.”

    In West Virginia we’ve gone from extremely hot and dry to massive rain storms, flooding, and power loss in some parts of the state in less than a few weeks.  I hope everyone is okay where they’re at and not too troubled by the weather.
    As always, wishes of good ‘skinening to all!

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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