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    Matt L

    Yes simple is good.

    Two things tho.

    1. Logo is a good idea

    2.When is that update to the site happening?( the blue/ tabbed one)




    Just an info about Boulgakov – he’s alive and kicking!

    Here is an abstract from his reply:

    “but unfortunately, from october to april, I’m 300% in my work on snowboarding, skiing, snowkiting. I don’t forget you, and I’ll be back in spring…I’m still visiting the ‘skineArt page and fave all the drawings I love.”

    For all of us who worried (older members could have known that since apparently he was absent the last winter as well).



    Leo, I think it would be more practical if forum newest posts were on top, in other words to reverse their order – if all agree and if that’s not something difficult to do!?



    I guessed so, that over there snow starts earlier than here. About Boulgakow. And I agree it would be more comfortable to see right away the newest reply. If it is not too complicated to do.



    I feel I should publicly apologize for expecting everyone to suck back at the beginning. I just expected goofy kids and god knows who else to just post things all the time, you know like how on YouTube half of the videos are like, “I’m sorry I don’t play very well” or “Yo! I think I need to speak about what happened to Michael.” And then it’s some rambling missive. I got some flack as I recall, like I thought we would end up championing mediocrity, but you have to understand that people post all sorts of idiot things. I think everyone here has done great and I hope I’ve never come off as a bonehead. There is mediocrity in the world but I didn’t mean “us”.



    Pink, not to worry. Your concerns were legitimate, and I suppose that is something we need to watch out for. It’s just that so far I haven’t seen anything of the sort here. So until it happens I think we can just relax and let it flow. Right?

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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