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    I was thinking though that there was some misinterpration of what I meant by “good”. To date absolutely every piece of work is either very professional, or else done with great care. Hopefully you know what I mean.



    I think everything is great as it is. I love looking through what’s been posted and finding the works that I personally think are amazing.



    This site needs a button that allows you to delete artwork or AT LEAST edit it. Not being able to even edit something on here… It’s just bogus. Please add something like this.

    Or is there already something like that?

    If there is, please explain.



    Yes, there’s already something like this.When you’re logged in, there’s an “Admin” link on top. Click it to enter the back-end. From there you can edit your own posts or delete them. Change description, update tags, etc.

    “Bogus” is too strong of a word, don’t you think?


    Matt L

    hey i was just wondering, how do you become a moderator?/ can you become one?

    srry if this isent suggestion or feedback I don’t rlly wanna start a new thred.


    Matt, all you need is express an interest in being one. I’ll set you up as a mod if you’d like.

    Of course, you have to be an active contributor and regular visitor to ‘skine.art – you are definitely qualified.



    Can I’ll be too? Or


    @nikira – You’re a mod now! Thank you for volunteering. Get familiar with your new forum options.



    Congratulations Nikira. Now I have something else, apart from Bijou and your talent, to envy you about. (nudge, nudge)


    Ziza – Moderator. Welcome to the team!



    Thank you, Leo. But it said admin on the top right. And what is my responsibilities now?


    I wouldn’t be comfortable assigning “responsibilities” since you’re volunteering your time without asking anything in return. But you have a power to keep the forum clean by deleting spam threads and/or posts, or editing posts with offensive language, etc. It’s very rare though.

    The “Admin” link leads to your back-end area listing your options.


    Matt L

    Ohh okay. Can I be one?

    I check the forums like every day.


    You are now, Matt. Welcome to the team!



    Leo, it wont occur to me to ask “anything in return” because I feel honored to be a member of this site and meet wonderful artists here. So, please, if I can do anything useful, let me know, I’ll be happy.

    BTW, what happen to Boulgakow?



    Leo, thanks, I’m honoured. However, I’m not really a moderate person (wink). Are you sure you didn’t rush into promoting me?

    Nikira, I’m wondering about him too. And I do miss his posts. He seems to dissapear after I posted one landscape which was strongly influenced by his work. I hope it was not the reason for him to be absent for so long. Let’s just hope he’s OK and would be back soon! Anyone checked his blog to see if it’s been updated?

    Meanwhile, I’ve sent him a mail asking about his wellbeing. His blog was also not updated after September 18th!



    Do you know where to get a hat with 3 corners? You know, like Napoleon’s one? And sticker with letter M?



    while there are, in fact, quite many places to get these 3-cornered Napoleon’s hats (because it’s Halloween time) –

    only this one seems suitable for such an esteemed Moderator as you:


    unfortunately, this hat pales in comparison to the hat that Bob wears, whilst he’s in a Moderator’s seat. ;-)

    as for the monogram,


    or, if you want to make your own monogram:





    Hello everyone! :-),

    I have several ideas that might take shape in this community.

    I thought it would be great to write in the forum for example:

    – Name of Museum and its website if they do, worldwide.

    – Arts and venue of the same worldwide.

    – Cultural links of interesting sites on the Internet.

    – Recommendation Movies, plays, books about art.

    – Share lessons about art. (Example: How do make clean your brushes?; Good brand names of paper, brushes, paints?; How is painted in wax, watercolor, tempera, chalk, charcoal, etc?.

    – What music do you listen for inspiration?. If you can put the letter better.

    – Reports and interviews with artists who explain their work humbly to all of us can enrich.

    – Is it possible to have too skineart logo in the avatar of the forum when we in this?.

    Well, here’s what I can think of at the moment … But you can gradually expand … I will say that you think.




    ¡Hola a todos! :-):

    Tengo varias ideas que podrían tomar forma en esta comunidad.

    He pensado que estaría genial escribir en el foro por ejemplo:

    – Nombre de Museos y su página web si la tienen, de todo el mundo.

    – Exposiciones y lugar de celebración de las mismas en todo el mundo.

    – Enlaces culturales de sitios interesantes en internet.

    – Recomendación de Películas, obras de teatro, libros sobre arte.

    – Compartir enseñanzas sobre arte. (Ej: ¿Cómo limpiais vuestros pinceles?; ¿Nombres de marcas buenas de papel, pinceles, pinturas?; ¿Cómo se pinta en cera, acuarela, témpera, sanguina, carboncillo, etc?.

    – ¿Qué música escuchas para inspirarte?. Si se puede poner la letra mejor.

    – Reportajes y entrevistas con artistas que expliquen humildemente su trabajo para que todos nos podamos enriquecer.

    – ¿Es posible que salga también el logotipo de skineart en el avatar del foro para cuando hablemos en éste?.

    Bueno, ésto es lo que se me ocurre por el momento… Pero se puede ampliar gradualmente… Ya direis que os parece.




    After reading all of this I’m thinking it’s getting more complicated than it needs to be. Since we are all limited to Moleskine art, participation is already limited. As for getting “junk” art on here, so far I haven’t seen any. There are people who are less experienced or younger who have some way to go, but if they use a Moly in the learning process I see no reason to “judge” their art except maybe for something that is obviously pornographic.

    Being able to post and get feed-back is good for an inexperienced artist. After all, we can all scan right by whatever work we don’t like, nor is anyone required to make a comment about any work that doesn’t appeal. If an artist never gets any positive commentary they will more than likely eliminate themselves from posting.

    Personally I like seeing all the variety, including the results of those who are struggling. Don’t know about you, but even though I’ve painted for years I’m still struggling and appreciate any constructive feedback I get.

    Just my 2 cents worth. Keep it simple!

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