Near Wilkieston – Watercolour in a Watercolour Moleskine

The second small painting from sketches done on a recent bicycle run. This shows the old Manse, north of the small hamlet of Wilkieston – a local village near where I stay. It stands at the top of a steep hill and the actual village can just be seen in the background. The church, which this manse served, is the first building as you enter the village but is now used as a children’s nursery. In days gone by the local manse normally came with some ground attached. This was usually refereed to as the “Glebe” and I suspect this green area served as that. The group of trees, on the left, is a fairly substantial copse growing on ground which is stony and otherwise useless. I’ve often wondered why the minister was given such a poor piece of ground as well as being banished to the outskirts of the village.