Here is a view from one of those scary “shelf” roads which are narrow dirt/rock roads that wind all around the outside of a mountain. I’m at 9,000 feet in elevation here and had stopped to paint this peek at Mono Lake when a nice couple came by and stopped to see what I was up to way out here in the wilderness. They took a video of me painting this and promised to send me a copy. Anyhow, these roads tend to be so narrow, sometimes very rocky with washed-out parts, that you consider yourself lucky if you don’t meet anyone coming toward you, because one side is straight up and the other is straight down and there is nowhere to go, and one of you has to back up. Luckily I had found a rare wide spot in the road to stop and they were able to get by me. I always hold my breath when I’m on one of those roads, but this time I wasn’t too worried because I had a fairly new car and brand new tires, and I do enjoy those hundred-mile eagle-point-of view vistas even if it’s inconvenient.