An Endangered Species – Watercolour in a small Watercolour Moleskine

A week ago, as most folks knows
My ears, my chest, my toes were froze.
In fact I really do suppose
It was so cold

The frost was hard, the birds were still.
No chirping tweetings from their bills.
Even Squirrels felt the chill
It was so cold.

But now the thaw has settled in.
Water trickles from my skin.
I’ve even started to feel thin.
Its not so cold.

I fear I’ll soon no longer be
A friend to all who look and see
This masterpiece of joy and glee.
Its not so cold.

So fare they well ye lovers of
The colder climes, the snowy months
But do not grieve. I will return
Next its cold.

(Feedback comments in verse appreciated, He! He!)