Golf in the hill – Watercolour

I had the privilege of playing round Torphin Hill Golf Course earlier this week. I was a member here, in the late 1960′s/early 1970′s and, despite the addition of many trees, I recognised many parts immediately. This is the 7th hole which is best approached by hitting a mid iron so it lands to the left of the green where it will bounce rightwards towards the flag. Fancy remembering this “local knowledge” after 40 years since my last game here. The course is infamous for being extremely hilly but the spectacular views, of Edinburgh, more than make up for the sore knees and shortness of breath. In this view Arthur’s Seat, the extinct volcano in the centre of the city, can be seen with the Firth of Forth (the River Forth estuary), which flows into the North Sea, behind. The patch of water, to the left of the green, is one of the many reservoirs in the Pentland Hills and is known as “Torduff” which is quite apt since “Duff” means to “Foozle”or “Sclaff” the shot (misthit it).