This was a sketch of the actual live taping of “The Big Bang Theory” sitcom. Very popular, and I’m a huge fan of it. It is an awesome experience to see an actual taping of the show and my laugher to be part of it.

Going through 2 securities check-in and bag searching (it’s like dealing with the TSA at the airport) at the Warner Bros Studios, sure is a big ordeal not to carry any phones, electronics, and camera.. I had to surrender mine to the security with my photo ID, and pick it up afterward. This is the only way I can capture photos of the Soundstudio by sketching what I saw! And most of the time it was dark and a bit hard to see since the studio have to dim out the audience seating room for the filming. They have like 12 actual sets crammed into a small Soundstudio, loaded with props! It really look like you are in Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment and kitchen area, and they even have the Comic Book Store there too.
This sketch will give you an idea on what exactly I saw at the studio and from my point of view, my seat was in an excellent spot and right front of the apartment kitchen and living room area.