Stockbridge Colonies, Edinburgh – Watercolour and Acrylic in a Watercolour Moleskine

There are at least five “Colonies” in Edinburgh and some other similar groups of dwellings. The name comes from early attempts to build affordable housing for working class folks the money being raised by “colonies ” of investors – a sort of early form of building society. The Stockbridge Colonies are situated next to the Water of Leith near the Royal Botanic Gardens. This scene shows the ends of the terraced rows backing onto the river. Margaret and I bought our first house in this area in 1973. We paid around £5K for the place, a bit mote than the £150 they cost when first built in 1862. Our old house sold for around £250K recently. The area, even when we stayed here, was becoming a well sought after, “trendy” place to live and prices started to rocket. One old lady, a neighbour, once lamented the fact that the place was going downhill with, “All these doctors and lawyers moving into the area”.