Eighteenth Tee, Old Course; St Andrews – Inktense Pencils on a Regular Moleskine Sketchbook.

Still trying to get to grips with these pencils. I thought you might like a sunny scene for a change. This is from an old photo I took many years ago. It is memorable as the three golfers, playing the last hole, all managed to put their shots, one after another, into the Swilken Burn. The famous Swilken Bridge can be seen 20 feet in front of the left hand player. This is where Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer stood as they waved farewell during their final Open Championships. The last green is under the large building 381 yards away. This area was once used as a burial ground for plague victims. Golfers play, as it were, right into the old town which is very daunting. Some of us actually manage to go into the town with our approach shots. The building on the left is the headquarters of The Royal & Ancient Golf Club which rules over the game in Europe. They do not own the course, however, as it is a “public links”. Freemen of St Andrews can, if they wish, graze their sheep on the fairway but would not be advised to try it these days. The scene is also memorable for me as I left this area and went to the nearby beach for a swim (this lovely beach was used in the opening sequences for the film “Chariots of Fire”), fell asleep for a couple of hours and was admitted to hospital with SUNSTROKE – IN SCOTLAND!