Legend says that in 832AD, before a battle against the English, the Scots king, Angus, was visited by St Andrew in a vision. Angus was promised a victory by the saint. The next day, clouds formed a white cross, in the shape of that on which St Andrew was crucified, against a blue sky. This was seen as a good omen and the Scots took heart from it and carried the day. The white cross on a blue background has been the “Saltire” or Scottish flag ever since. This morning, as dawn broke over Ratho, a white cross appeared in the sky. Is this a good omen for 2009 or just the result of the contrails from two passenger jets high above? I know which one I want to believe. Sorry that this wee painting has been rushed but I wanted to post it before the good luck ran out for you all.
Watersoluble pencils on a watercolour Moleskine