These are a couple of the mills that used to be along the river Wandle in south London. Draw from a photo taken in 1896 on the left is Ansells Snuff mill which stopped work in the year the photo was taken and on the right is Denyers flour mill.The buildings on the left still exist. A snuff mill is not some sort of killing machine but a thing to grind up tobbaco so that it could be snorted via the nose…NICE!!!! But very popular at one time.
I struggled a bit with the water on this one, not one of my strong points.The river Wandle used to be one of the best trout streams in the south of England before the harnessing of its waters to power all the mills along its length.Recent attemps to reintroduce the trout have failed due to the skill of local kids at fishing them out as soon as conservationists can put em in!!