In the other direction from the previous sketches is June Lake, and this is the road into June Lake. It’s a loop. One goes in from Hwy 395 and comes back out on Hwy 395, with several lakes and waterfalls and more spectacular scenery all along the loop. I met a group of Germans in June Lake who were touring the area on motorcycles, and we had a nice conversation even though my German no longer flows easily from the tongue. At least I understood everything they were saying; not sure they always understood me. But they had a lot of questions and I tried to help with even such mundane things as the rules of tipping here compared to home. It was fun. And they were awed by the size of this country and surprised how clean it is compared to the stuff they see about us on their news. Seems they are mostly familiar with inner city trash in the streets, which is NOT what most of the USA is all about. So it was nice to hear that the trip changed their negative views about us to more positive views in many areas. I think travel often does that for people.