The Water of Leith – Ink on a Watercolour Moleskine
I thought you all might like a more colourful scene to cheer you up. This is taken from a photo, last autumn, near Dean Village which is right in the centre of Edinburgh. The river, The Water of Leith runs from the Pentalnd Hills down to Edinburgh’s main port at Leith. It has been described as a ribbon of silver running through the city. The banks team with wildlife – everything from kingfishers to badgers and even deer. One of the wardens, in the Royal Botanic Gardens, told me that there are more and more animals, such as deer, finding their way into Edinburgh by using this river as well as coming along old disused railway lines which are used as cycle pathways. I used to think the only visible deer were the “Old Dears” who drink coffee in the coffee shops.