Ramsay Gardens, Edinburgh – Ink in a Watercolour Moleskine

If you stand in Princes Street and look up towards the left of the castle you will see a strange group of houses perched high on the rock. This is Ramsay Gardens, arguably the most sought after group of houses/flats in the city. Parts were originally built as accommodation for students at Edinburgh University but one single flat was recently on the market for offers over £1,00,000. Although it’s in a great location it’s a nightmare to draw/paint as the houses were built before proper planning laws came into force and they seem to be of every shape and size. This adds a certain charm to the place. Strangely, although smoky chimneys are no longer allowed in Edinburgh all of the original chimney stacks must be retained as they form part of these protected buildings. This effort shows only a small part of the complex which extends backwards towards the castle’s esplanade. This must be noisy when the International Festival takes place as the Edinburgh Military Tattoo (Massed pipes and drums etc) and the huge firework display (at the end of the Festival) are right next door. Mind you, I might just put up with this , if someone was to donate a house to me, as the views are stunning. No such luck! Ah well! Back tae auld claes and porridge.