Somehow I got stuck on wanting to sketch a ballet dancer. Heres my version of Polina Semionova. Shes very athletic and artistic. She’s magnificent.

This was first done as a sketch in vine charcoal to help with finding the light. But the proportion didn’t come out right so that helped to get it right the second time in pencil to do a watercolor version. I didn’t make her red top as dark as it should so I left it as is. I like the way the colors didn’t blend into a rounded form but suggested it with different tones something I just realized was done from a Watercolor Magazine an artist named Ted Nutall used this style to do portraits. Here is his link

Theres a video on my blog with her dancing very artistic. I think it would be cool to visit a ballet school to se if they would allow me to sketch dancers like Degas did. Maybe one day.