Kibune – this is the place where Kyotoites go in the summer months to get cool and have the luxury of eating a meal on a platform in this refreshing, fast-running river. I took a “romance train” (note the roof windows and seats facing the scenery) here and then a short bus ride up to a location where I could walk downhill and enjoy the many falls this river has as it follows the road. Ryokans and restaurants with eating platforms in the river were clustered along the road and I went inside some of them to get a better view of how this novel concept works. The platform is as wide as the river (not as is in my drawing) and nearly as long as the building it is attached to, so that maybe 60 people could be fed at once. Kimono clad waitresses bring your beer. This is also the area where you can eat noodles from a bamboo flume, although I did not encounter this on my visit. Maybe next time. July and August are the best months to enjoy this kind of experience.