The return of the bats (see previous post dated 15th August) – Ink in a Watercolour Moleskine

Its actually impossible to draw these tiny creatures accurately as they fly about the evening sky at an incredible speed. If you stand quite still they will come very close but, of course, never collide with you due to their fantastic sonar aided navigation. We have got into the habit, when its too dark to see outside, of leaving the lounge curtains open and they will zoom quite close to the glass window. These are probably pipistrelle bats and, under Scottish law, are a protected species – all species are. It is forbidden to harm them in any way and, if you find them in any part of your building, say in the loft, you are not allowed to disturb them. Since “our bats” do no harm, are not too noisy and make very little mess we feel it is a price well putting up with, besides they earn their keep by devouring vast quantities of insects. Ours are noticeable as darkness sets in when they crawl, head first, down the side of the house from underneath the fascia boards of the roof. They launch themselves into the air then fly around the garden for half an hour before heading off into the woods for a night’s feasting. I have never seen or heard them returning. We have put up some bat boxes, in some of our trees, to further encourage these visitors and I have a design for an electronic detector which I keep meaning to build – one day!
Great entertainment!