A Monday with Lots of fun!
Went to the beach in a monday morning. Everybody in the bus were going to work! Mama and I using beach wear, plus Sun umbrella, beach chair, etc. We were just going to the beach! (Too comom image, but not in a Monday Mornig!!)

Itaipu, in Niterói City!

Is too far but too beuatiful!
The Most beautifull City in Rio de janeiro State, in my opinion. And its have the most beautifull veaw off Rio de Janeiro city too!!

In the first page: The rocks in Rio de Janeiro City. Gavea Rock, Dois Irmão Rock.
In Second page: Mama in our “Mega Orange” sun umbrella.
Took a walk all over the beach and coldn’t went lost!
Cold saw the orange thing from every point of the beach!
Meam cold see it even from the sea!!
In this very fun time I use for the first time my new aquarella trip case. It’s wonderful cause can take it every were! Now just need a waterbrush!