I hope you guys don’t mind if I upload some of my past sketches in my moleskine.. Just to make up for the long overdue absent on this site. =) Don’t worry, I’m not going to upload every single one, just a few that I really enjoyed sketching and worth uploading it.

Oct 28, 2012 This is a watercolour and ballpoint pen 15 mins sketch of the courtyard of the Pasadena City Hall in Pasadena, California. The Spanish architecture on this place is breathtaking!
Have anyone seen the comedy mockumentary show called “Parks & Recreations?” The “Pawnee City Hall” is actually the City Hall in Pasadena! When I first walked up to this place, I was like “Hey… This look strangely familiar… Where did I see this building from..?” Turn out I was right.. I recommend watching the show, it’s pretty funny.. I really like “serious” Ron. Although I find Tom is a bit annoying, especially later on into the Seasons.