This is one of the many features of the landscape garden at Painshill Park near Cobham in Surrey England.
Painshill was created between 1738 and 1773 by the Hon Charles Hamilton, 9th son and 14th child of 6th Earl of Abercorn. A painter, plantsman and brilliantly gifted and imaginative designer, he dedicated his creative genius to the layout and composition of a landscape garden which was unique in Europe and still remains so.
Gothic Tower
Built in the late 1750′s in imitation of a medieval watch tower, and sometimes referred to by Hamilton as his castle, it was neither intended nor ever used as a signal tower.
I have worked in the park in the past my contract was to paint [as in the redecoration sense] a Chinese bridge over the lake some of which we did by floating about in a punt on the water!There is also a Turkish tent, waterwheel,hermitage and a fantastic grotto which has been restored over many years as funds allow take a look at the website.

Great place to visit if your in this neck of the woods but pick a sunny day for the best panoramas.
The tower really does have a fairy tale feel about it!