Looking down North Bridge – Watercolour/Ink on a Small Watercolour Moleskine

This was a quick “fun” sketch, tightened up later, as I waited for a bus on Friday afternoon. North Bridge is another passageway built to connect the older part of the city with the new town. In this case the bridge joins to the east end of Princes Street and the “top end” crosses the Royal Mile about a fifteen minute walk from Edinburgh Castle. The main railway station, Edinburgh Waverley, is underneath the bridge while the large building, centre left, is the Balmoral Hotel – formerly the North British Hotel, North British being the name of the railway company in the 1800s., when the hotel was built. The clock on the hotel is always kept a few minutes fast to enable folk, rushing for their trains, to get there in time. In the centre, the building with the dome is the National Records office where all the births, marriages and deaths or the country’s population are recorded. The buildings on the right used to belong to the Main Post office but they have recently been turned into office space for companies such as “Apple” to rent. Away to the right is Calton Hill which featured in one of my earlier “posts”.