From 30,000 feet – Ink and Watercolour

Notes from my travel journal (we cross the Atlantic on our way to the USA)

Thursday 29th September 2011 (4.20pm)

We have just crossed the Atlantic Ocean. This is the first time anyone from my generation on my side of the family has done this and it the first time for both Margaret and me. Ewan and Andrew, of course, have been to NYC before. Thinking about my father who saw service in WW2 on minesweepers and convoy duty in The Royal Navy. During this time he travelled a lot up and down the west coast of Africa and in the Mediterranean Sea. He was only earmarked for one Atlantic convoy, in 1940, but this was postponed when the Bismark got loose. Quite a strange feeling to recall this and feeling quite emotional. Maybe this has stirred the emotions – or maybe I’m tired. I have been up for around 10 hours.

The cloud has become wispy and its possible to get glimpses of Newfoundland and Labrador. Very remote looking and so vast. We begin to experience more turbulence as we cross land and turn southwards over Canada.