The Magic Mountain, as I see it from my home, between a big oak’s branches. Not really an oak. I don’t know the name in english, in my dictionaty it apears as “oak”, but is not the one with cloud-like leafs. This one has little oval shaped leafs, and is an evergreen tree. In spanish is “encina”. Anybody knows its name in english, please. I feel very ignorant…
The mountain is truly magic. There are lots of legends about it. It is almost completely hollow, and they say there are lots of treasures in its caves, including the Holy Grail. Even the nazis were here searching for it!!!
Another legend is about a village. The people in the village went evil, for some reason, and god took it and put it upside down. Then, he sent his angels and they saw the resulting mountain to this curious shape (Montserrat is translated, literally, as “sawed mountain”) And now we can imagine the people in this village walking upside down under the mountain, for ever and ever…
Well, I’m afraid that now I must apollogize for all the language mistakes I am doing in this very long text (for me, in english, it is veeeery long)
If you want to know more about Montserrat, you can follow this link:

(Look, Robert!!! I’ve done it!!! I draw the magic mountain!!! Thank you for the idea)