Constable revisited – Watercolour/acrylic

My favourite painting ever, is John Constable’s “Vale of Dedham” – the version which hangs in the National Gallery of Scotland. (Constable painted this scene a few time throughout his life). I had the pleasure of showing this to John Stremikis and his son Kris when they visited here in January.

Its a huge canvas and is full of tiny details of plants, small animals, buildings far in the distance etc. This is my, very rough, attempt to recreated the scene. It would appear, however, that I am not the first to do so. Another of my favourite artists is the scot James McIntosh Patrick who painted many scenes from the east side of Scotland. Have a wee look at his “Midsummer in East Fife – 1936″. Is is too much of a coincidence? Of course John maintains that there are no such things as coincidences. Might be right here, John!