Wait till your dad gets home – Inktense and Watercolour

I just couldn’t resist this. Most of this is from memories as I couldn’t have sketched this, from laughing – even if I wanted to.

I cycled past the field, yesterday, and as usual she brought her foal to show me. I told her what a lovely son she had. Her body language seemed to agree with this and after a while I continued with my exercise. As I left I noticed that the youngster was charging about, leaping up and down in the daft way all kids do. About an hour later, as I returned, passing the wall, mum “called me over”. At first I thought the foal was injured, or worse but then his mother whinnied at him. He rolled over, kicked his legs playfully then lay still again. I had the impression that he was just plain tired out, refusing to obey his mother and get up. Maybe he was just being awkward. The next five minutes were hilarious. She would look at me then swing her head in his direction and “shout” at him. Then she would look straight at me almost demanding I do something. After this “wee chat” I suggested she behave more forcibly so she really snorted and rushed towards him. Quick as a flash he was up and off in the direction of the shelter. I like to think she was asking my advice and this proved useful. I think he would get a good talking to later on that night.