They’ve “seen” better days – Pencil and wash in a small Watercolour Moleskine

At the risk of making a complete spectacle of myself I decided to draw this and send it in as a warning to you all. It seems to make an interesting “still life” composition although “still death” might be more appropriate. More puns appreciated as Ziza will, almost certainly, have a field day here.

As I shovelled some snow, last week, my glasses fell off. In a remarkable feat of hand-to-eye coordination I succeeded in bringing the shovel forwards just as the specs reached ground level. I am still amazed that I could do this for it still seems an incredible achievement, one I would be hard pushed to repeat. Of course it should serve as a lesson not shovel snow. I was always taught that snow clearing could be dangerous, especially for those of us getting on a bit. Now I know why. Winston Churchill once said that, “It is not given to us to see into the future”. How right he was! (and how prophetically right it now is).