Quiz view!
This is the one I promissed – a view from my balcony in watercolour. If you guess correctly, then you’ll know where I’m from. I’ll give you a couple of clues though:
1. In the background you can see a small part of the old town with St. Antony’s church and Emperor’s mosque.
2. Further back, there is a mountain on which bob and sledge competitions were held during 14th Winter Olympic Games. The same moutain was used to lounch a record long city siege.
3. At the bottom-left corner (just below the balcony wall) Austrian Arch-duke Ferdinand was assained almost exactely 95 years ago – which triggered World War One.
4. At bottom right corner you can see the tracks of the first fully operational electrificated tram-line in Europe.
Do not be confused by the colour of the river (it is a river belive me) – That is its natural colour, and the most realistic one in this view. If you’ve guessed correctly than you are a Geographical genius!