The High Line – Watercolour and pencil

Our first full day in NYC started with a visit to the High Line Park. These notes are from my travel journal dated Friday 30th September 2011

The High Line is described as an “Aerial Green-way” built on a former railway line. Its just over a mile long but there are plans to extend it. The route, which was crammed with many, many people, is surrounded by loads of plants and shrubs. It runs along the lower west side of Manhattan. There are many places to sit down and its possible to buy snacks to eat. There are even “talking drinking fountains.” As the name suggests, it is above the main streets and one of the first things I noticed was the relative quietness. It was a brilliantly sunny morning and I felt this was just the thing to start the holiday after the long journey of yesterday. You walk along this former railway spur then have to turn back when the end is reached. Two things stick in my memory. We were approached by two elderly ladies who had spotted my kilt. They were really friendly and we stopped to chat. My host, in his flattering and friendly way suggested they were sisters which delighted this pair of unrelated people who had been friends for many years. The second memory was when we turned a slight bend and there, far away in the distance, was the Statue of Liberty, in all her splendour. We had already decided not to visit this area as the crowds are supposed to be huge and I had, therefore, resigned myself to not even seeing her. Now I had a grand-stand view albeit from miles away. I took some photographs with the camera’s telephoto setting on maximum. (Later, we passed close to this iconic structure as we treated ourselves to a boat trip around Manhattan so I was able to see the statue close up)