A Window (after a sketch by Gordon Home) – Inktense with some pencil lines.

John Stremikis sent me a link which complements the sketchbook by the artist Gordon Home whom I mentioned in my previous post. It appears that he made many trips about the country putting his sketches into sets. This is my version of one from his “Winchester” series, the original be entitled “Window in Ambulatory at St. Cross Hospital.” The guy’s sketches are amazing and we could all learn much from his work. I was particularly impressed with his treatment of the leaded window which I have tried to recreate here. Id attempted this by covering a piece of tracing paper with white wax crayon then reversing it onto the page and drawing the lines with a ball point pen to avoid piercing the tracing paper. This left a tiny set of waxy lines which resisted the Inktense leaving a thin white line (not really prominent in this scan) The parts, of the window, which do not have trees reflected in them have been added in pencil.