Edinburgh’s “Squinty Bridge”- Acrylic in a Watercolour Moleskine

This view shows the recently built bridge outside the headquarters of The Royal Bank of Scotland towards the west of Edinburgh. It spans the busy A8 which is one of the main artery roads into the city. This bridge is similar to an innovative bridge in Glasgow built to span the River Clyde:


Edinburgh’s bridge is smaller but is similar in design as they are both “asymmetric” with the arch passing over from one side of the deck to the other. A clearer view of this bridge can be seen on this video:

about 3.5minutes into it. This video was shot in the opposite direction to the scene shown above. My reason for attempting this was to compare the nice views, along the line of mature trees with the awful disruption caused by the, now infamous, tram works which are just behind me. These works have disrupted the city for a few years now and, although due to be completed in a couple of years, look set to continue beyond. I suppose we should be grateful that these trees were spared the effects of construction. Its great how they have suddenly acquired their summer foliage after the long winter.