Forth Bridge in Fog – Black ink washes in a Watercolour Moleskine

This is the second time I’ve visited South Queensferry recently. I was there at the start of last week to make a small video

and didn’t visage a return trip so quickly as the place is about eight miles from my house. However, as I drove out of our village this morning, I saw that the River Forth, and the two bridges, were lying in a carpet of dense mist, rather like the scenes reminiscent of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. I just had to nip down for a quick sketch. When I got closer all that could be seen was the tops of the structures piercing through the mist. Then everything vanished but when I got to the actual bridge itself I was underneath the “cloud”. Totally weird and my sketch does not do this justice.

The Forth is infamous for its dense fogs which can sweep in from the North Sea and can be a real nuisance, even in the height of summer. There is a famous tale concerning a squadron of RAF Bi-planes, in the 1930′s getting lost, in thick fog, while flying up the east coast of England towards Scotland. The leader decided to fly for a set number of minutes then turn left on a heading which should have taken the aircraft towards Glasgow on Scotland’s west side. As the planes flew quietly along the mist suddenly cleared and the planes emerged, flying in between the cantilevers of this bridge. A few feet either way and a catastrophe would have happened. I bet there were a few shaken pilots that day.