At least I can grow something – Inktense on Cartridge Paper

The first of this year’s garlic harvest is tied up and hanging in the greenhouse to dry. Its the only thing I grow which I am self sufficient in, the crop of around 50 bulbs will last until this time next year. This stuff is amazing having been planted in October and survived the winter under all that snow. It was buried under three feet of the stuff when John Stremikis visited in January so this crop, John, is dedicated to you, for Auld Lang Syne – I know you like your food.

Garlic Joke : Guy buys food from his supermarket. He puts cheese, pickle and garlic on a sandwich then goes on a blind date. The girl, he meets, takes one deep breath and disappears for ever. The guy is going to sue the supermarket because the packaging said “Best before date …”