Fiery Sky – Watercolour

I’m at home, on my own, while Margaret tours New Zealand. This means I am really careful about checking things are fine when locking up for the night. Yesterday, just as night was settling in, I looked out towards the rear of the house and almost collapsed. It was as if the wooded area, behind my house, was on fire. I ran upstairs and saw that the “fire” was, in fact, a brilliant sunset shining through the trees. I just had to try to replicate this.

Incidentally, I would have had some difficulty doing this sort of scene a few months ago. I prefer painting “wet into wet” and used to find large dark areas were hard as they turned out blotchy. When we were in America, in October, I met a nice lady artist and asked her opinion on this very area. She suggested I try using very thick paint. This seems to work so thank you, Vicki from Wisconsin.