The Land Remembers – Watercolour

This is the title of a book kindly presented to me by John during his recent visit to Scotland.

(The Land Remembers by Ben Logan ISBN 978 – 0 -9761450 – 5 – 951700
A story of a farming family on a West Wisconsin ridge farm in the 1930′s).

The painting is my attempts to copy the photo on the front cover for the reason that this could be any number of farms in parts of Scotland. John once said that our countries looked very similar and here is the proof. Do beg, borrow or steal this book. I believe it is considered to be an American classic. If not, then it should be. My apologies for copying the front cover but maybe this just might encourage others to buy this book.

Apart from the adventures of the young hero of the story, there are many fascinating scraps of information such as the method of uniformly spacing out corn seed by “Checking Corn” a method of allowing a small trapdoor to release seed when it is actuated by a “knotted” trip wire stretched across the field. This aroused my engineering curiosity and led me to a short study of bygone farm implements. For those, similarly inclined see:

Then, talking about seed, there is a section which describes an attempt to see how long seed remains viable. Samples were buried in glass bottles, and samples were, and still are, being dug up to check the seed. Read about this here:

What a fascinating book, a great read and a wonderful present. Thank you John.