Falls of Glomach – Inktense

The Falls of Glomach, literally the “Gloomy Falls”, are situated in Wester Ross, north of The Kintail Mountain Range. This is on the Scottish Mainland and opposite the Isle of Skye.

Being a mountainous and wet part of the country its no surprise that there are many waterfalls and the Glomach Falls are probably the highest in the UK, although some debate this. They have a vertical height of 375 feet and surge down through a narrow cleft, through a “horseshoe, at the edge of a plateau. Not many people have actually visited this place as it requires a long hike across rugged ground to get here. Like other falls they are at their best after heavy rain but this has a downside in this case. The bottom section is contained in a narrow gorge and heavy rain explodes into a cloudy mist obscuring the bottom half. In fact my sketch shows the top section only – the first 140 or so feet.

The whole scene reinforces good advice, for mountaineers, about following streams and rivers down slopes. Many used to think this guaranteed a route off the mountain but there have been many fatalities when walkers got trapped in places like this. Believe it or not, there is an old, Victorian guide book which suggests that the long hike can be avoided by taking a quicker route to the foot of the falls then climbing up the steep slope to get a better view.