I am a moderator for the SketchUp Community Forums over at SketchUcation. A 3D modeling help site devoted to SketchUp.


I have started a traveling community sketchbook for SketchUcation members. I will draw in the first panel then I send it to someone else and hopefully within a year or so it will be filled up by SCF members. I sure hope it goes over well and does not get lost or forgotten about. However with over 56,000 members if only 1% of the 10% who generally participate we should get a good response.

I drew the cover initials SCF then had a friend who has a laser etcher (with proper ventilation) etch the cover of the Moleskine. If you ever wanted your hardback Moleskine etched contact me through my blog and I will get you in contact with the guy who did this for me.