Dunnottar Castle – Ink on a Watercolour Moleskine
Dunnottar Castle is a partially restored ruin lying south of Stonehaven on Scotland’s east coast.
It was the home of one of Scotland’s most powerful families, the Marischals, but was seized by the crown after the last Earl was convicted of treason after being involved in the 1715 Jacobite uprising lead by the “Old Pretender”. The castle’s history is fascinating and is worth reading about. My favourite tale, learned as a youngster in primary school, concerns the “Scottish Crown Jewels” or “The Scottish Honours” as they are properly known. These regalia were used to crown Scottish kings and queens. When Oliver Cromwell invaded Scotland, in 1650, he was determined to destroy the Honours which were a symbol of royalty. (He had already got rid of the English Crown Jewels). After Charles 2nd was crowned at Scone Palace, in 1651, the Honours were taken to Dunnottar. Cromwell’s army laid siege to the castle for eight months but couldn’t break into the stronghold. To remove the jewels to safety, they were lowered, in a basket, down the cliff where an old women wrapped them up in a blanket. They were then spirited away thus saving them for all time. Today they are on show in Edinburgh Castle.