Edinburgh University’s “Dugald Stewart Building” – Silverpoint with watercolour and ink in a Watercolour Moleskine.

This is an experiment to see if Silverpoint works with other media. There are a number of considerations here and I have summed up some of the stages on this link and others close by:
I needed to get a properly prepared surface in my Moleskine. I did this by taping the last sheet, of my present Moly, to the back cover and shrinking it tight before applying gesso.
I used a straight edge to define all the windows and edges of the building.
I used watercolour paint which did not work well with the gesso. Next time I will use acrylic paint.

Dugald Stewart was a famous son of Edinburgh and is remembered as a great philosopher during the period known as “The Enlightenment”. He was professor of Mathematics at Edinburgh University but it is from his writings in Philosophy that he became famous. He is buried in Edinburgh’s Cannongate Cemetery and is honoured by a prominent memorial on The Calton Hill. The Dugald Stewart Building is situated opposite Edinburgh’s famous McEwan Hall in the centre of the old town. Stewart is remembered here as the main subjects, in this science, are taught ie Ancient and Early Modern Philosophy, Epistemology, Ethics, Logic and Language and Mind & Cognition (this from the university’s web site). The university claims to be one of the leaders in this field which is nice when you can trace the link back to the 1700′s.