Wrecked fishing boat, Dingle Bay, Ireland – Watercolour

We visited this area as I wanted to see where Charles Lindbergh made landfall in 1927. This is as far south and west as is possible to go in this island. We walked along the beach at Dingle Bay marvelling at the huge expanse of wet, flat sand with hardly anyone else in sight. Suddenly this heap of sticks and stones appeared and, as we got closer, realised this was the remains of a wrecked fishing boat. There was not much left except some of the framework. What was intriguing was the bottom was filled with huge stones. Had this been an attempt to stop the boat from being washed away or was this ballast? A bit sad to see this but the scene fired the imagination with all sorts of possibilities. The wreckage might have been here for some time but who knows with some of the fierce storm which this part of the world can experience.