For Nikira, a view of my livingroom – Ink/Pencil in a Watercolour Moleskine (colours not shown to avoid offence)

Nikira mentioned in her 22nd April post

that she was not impressed by someone’s attempts at decoration. As requested, here is a view of part of my house to explain my own “genius” in colour coordination. My trouble is I don’t redecorate all at the same time so some “new parts” don’t exactly fit with existing ones. Take the picture on the wall. It is by Jytte Mørch. We chose it for two reasons. 1. It is big enough to hide a crack in the wall 2. It is green. It coordinated beautifully with everything until we changed the wall’s colour to a off-pink shade of white to match the pink/brown carpet (which it doesn’t do). Not to worry – at least the green patterned chairs are comfortable enough and seem to marry with my attempts at woodwork for the units are a nice shade of mahogany brown. Did I mention the green, yellow and brown wallpaper behind Margaret’s chair. To draw one’s attention away from all this the gas fire is enamelled black. We have devised a clever plan to bring all this together. We hide everything behind house plants including the large “triffid” shown on the left ) I swear there are Amazonian frogs in here. Just out of shot, to the right, I sit and contemplate the view across the tree-swept slopes of Platt Hill so hardly ever notice all this. It was not always like this. When we first married, and money was scarce, I got lots of cheap paint and used my skills to decorate our first house. Margaret’s dad was lost (almost) for words when he saw the bright yellow walls, the cerulean blue woodwork and China Blue ceiling – all set off my a mixture of brown, green and yellow carpet tiles. He did suggest I flick some white paint on the ceiling to represent the night sky. My design and decorating skills are not in much demand.