I cropped this one on the right because I made a mess of it, but I had such fun with the bricks that I decided to do another brick building, the Dechambeau Hotel. There were few brick buildings compared to those made of wood, and most of these mining towns burned down several times. As they were rebuilt wider streets were put in, which was supposed to keep fires from spreading so easily. I’m always surprised at the width of the streets in these places, which are more like four-lane dirt highways than small-town thoroughfares. Anyhow, Bodie was mostly abandoned when gold was found in Tombstone, Arizona, and the rush was on to get there. Places in Bodie were left with curtains on the windows and dishes still on the tables, all deteriorated and covered with dust now. Tombstone is famous for Wyatt Earp and his brothers fighting at the OK Corral.