The Old Hotel Grounds – Gouache in a Watercolour Moleskine

This is my 33rd post this year, the goal being to fill an A4 Moleskine given as a Christmas present. The object was to record wintry scenes (Brrr scenes). Since six posts were in smaller Moleys I still have three more to go in this book. Its extremely hard work and I am full of admiration for those of you who do this for a living. This painting shows a similar attempt to yesterday’s post as I try to get acquainted with gouache. The scene shows the grounds of the, long gone Craigpark Hotel which stood at the west end of Ratho. Its grounds are now being developed for housing but progress is slow. It seems as if every part of our area is being developed at the moment although the recent recession has put the brakes on things. Since our house is just down the hill, past the houses on the right, we hope that there will not be too much noise and disturbance when building resumes.