The Old and The New – Watercolour and Inktense

This is an attempt to compare two cranes which I saw near each other when visiting Glasgow last week. The short, fat one is called “Titan” and sits next to the River Clyde at the former John Brow’s Shipyard. This is the yard which built the Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth among other vessels. Titan was completed in 1907, is 150 feet high and was used to lower heavy equipment, such as engines, into the bowels of the ships. There are only four such giant cranes left – this one is now a tourist attraction. The more modern crane is typical of the tall slender type designed to fit into confined spaces during renovation/construction work. This part of the city is undergoing massive amounts of regeneration in preparation for the Commonwealth Games of 2014 – in our country these games are second only to the Olympic Games. I spotted these structures when we visited the recently opened New Museum of Transport just along the road from here. I now have hundreds of photos and many sketches to bore you all with in the coming months. If you want a flavour of the museum, please visit this set of photos taken an the day: