Here is one I did just last Saturday. I was in a meadow by my favorite lake watching a thunderstorm over the mountains, and it started raining, so some of the ink and color ran in spots, and I liked that natural touch and decided to keep it. From left to right: Camas Lily, Blue-eyed grass, cinquefoil.

Camas lily bulbs were a food staple of the Indian tribes around here, and contrary to popular opinion of how peaceful they were, they had fierce wars over control of the camas lily fields. Every once in a while in a field of blue there will be a white camas lily and they are called “death lilies” because they are VERY poisonous. the Indians used to mark the death lilies so that they wouldn’t accidentally dig up the bulbs when they harvested, because if the plant is not in bloom there is no way to tell. The first time I came over a hill and saw a meadow filled with camas lilies I thought it was water in the distance, and the closer I came the more I realized they were flowers by the millions. What a sight that was! It still awes me.