A quick one before they all go – Watercolour

This was done, in 1 hour, after a news programme about a disease effecting our native ash trees. This disease, Charala fraxinea – better knowns as “Ash Die Back” has been rife on the continent of Europe but we have escaped it until now. It seems to be one of these diseases which destroys tree leafs and the tree cannot recover. Ash trees make up around 20% of our native hardwoods so its important that everyone becomes familiar with this blight and reports it. About 25 years ago Dutch Elm disease did so much damage here. A good link to study is:


I painted this from a photograph taken recently on one of my many trips. It shows a copse of ash next to a lochside.

Incidentally, there has been a huge loss of ash in the USA but this is mainly due to an imported wood boring beetle originating from the far east.