Van Halen
Ok, I know it is not in a Moleskine or even on paper for that matter but I thought I would share.
About 14 years ago I did a ceiling painting for one of my best friends. He had a basement in a rental that he used for his drum set and a party room. A full basement with a bathroom and all. He allowed me to paint whatever I wanted. He eventually painted it over when he left as it was just a rental.
Being a huge, dare I say the biggest, Van Halen fan I knew what I wanted to paint immediately. Combining the Van Halen Hand Sign with the Frankenstein paint scheme on Eddie’s guitar, I came up with this. During the unveiling I marched him blindfolded into the basement, had him lay on the ground face up, put in his favorite VH song, blasted it on and he went nuts.

Ah, good times.